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Complimentary annual travel supplement in Backspin Magazine provides superb exposure to Irish Golf Market

PORTUGAL PURE GOLF COUNTRY was originated and launched by The Golf Business in 2000 in conjunction with the Portuguese Tourist Board.

It has been developed into a dynamic complimentary supplement which is dedicated to promoting Portuguese golfing, property and lifestyle opportunities to Irish golfers each year.

This unique supplement provides Portuguese tourist regions, golf clubs, resorts and hotels with guaranteed exposure to key people and decision-makers across all spectrums of Irish golf. 

The link to the online version of Portugal Pure Golf Country is circulated to leading amateur and professional golfers in Ireland...to the Irish golf travel industry...to key corporate & society golf organisers...to our substantial data base of Irish CEO's with a passion for golf and stylish living...to the Irish golf media...and to the Secretary of every Irish Golf Club.

A prime advertisement would work effectively for you in the Irish golf market ...and all advertisers enjoy top quality editorial support in the magazine.